How to Be the Ideal IT Manager


No two IT manager jobs are the same. At some companies, IT managers focus on a specific area of focus, while others cover a diverse set of responsibilities. Managers may be tasked with technical leadership, or they may be relied upon for strategic planning. There is truly no such thing as a “typical” IT manager job description. If you want to be the type of IT manager that companies want working for them, it will be necessary to focus in on your talents and develop not only your technical skills, but your people skills and business acumen, as well.

The Technical Side of the Job

In order to be a strong IT manager, there are specific technical competencies that are required. Not all jobs will utilize all of these skills, but the more diverse your technical skill set, the more valuable you’ll be to an employer. The skills that the ideal IT manager has include:

  • Coding experience
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Network management
  • Asset management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Help desk administration
  • Telephony systems

Communication and Management

While technical chops are extremely important for effective IT managers, communication skills, management abilities, and solid leadership qualities are also necessary. In fact, soft skills will become more important the higher you climb in the ranks. As an IT manager, you’ll have to take the reins when it comes to organizing team meetings, you will be expected to work closely with senior managers, and you’ll often be tasked with giving presentations in meetings. Managers must also be able to communicate highly technical information to non-technical employees. Additionally, you’ll have to be able to take direction from senior leadership and then delegate effectively to team members. These are skills that develop over time, and emerging leaders can improve on these skills by taking on new projects and volunteering to head up small teams.

The Desire to Keep Learning

As a manager, you’ll have to stay on top of your skills, and that means attending classes and achieving certifications even as your work responsibilities grow. If you expect to be able to head up a successful team, you must be able to do the work that your employees are tasked with, so that you can not only help when needed, but so that you can have a full understanding of the needs and requirements of each project.

Work With a Recruiter

If you’re interested in knowing just what employers are looking for in IT managers, connect with a professional IT recruiter. They have the inside track on the hard and soft skills that top companies are looking for when it comes to management talent. Your recruiter can also work directly with you to help you perfect your resume to highlight your most relevant experience, and they can help you improve your interviewing skills. If you’re an IT manager looking for new opportunities, connect with Cutting Edge Recruiting Services today. We work with some of the most dynamic companies in Florida, and we help connect them with highly skilled IT talent. For information on IT manager jobs in Florida, contact CERS today.

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