Hard-to-fill tech jobs: Do you have what it takes?


Dice.com recently asked companies which positions they find the hardest to fill. The results were clear: a company’s top hiring priorities are also the hardest to recruit for. According to the survey, the top five hardest-to-fill tech jobs are:

  1. Software Developers and Engineers
  2. Java Pros
  3. .Net Pros
  4. Security
  5. Sales

South Florida tech pros in South Florida who have these skills will find themselves in demand for the foreseeable future.

Software Developers and Engineers

Software developers and engineers are critical to the development of new products and proprietary systems. They are the driving force behind creative innovation and keeping company systems in line with current trends. Because they are so essential, software developers and engineers are experiencing an unemployment rate of just 2.6 percent, which is half the national rate. Hiring managers in South Florida are under pressure to fill these open positions quickly with the best and the brightest.

Java Professionals

Java is one of the oldest programming languages still in use today. In fact, it is one of the most popular skills in the current job market. It is the basis for many open source initiatives, and the demand for Java skills continues to increase year-over-year as companies continue to focus more and more on cloud-based applications.

.NET Professionals

.Net pros are in demand as South Florida companies finally have the budgets to upgrade old systems and migrate into .NET. Companies that depend upon Microsoft services platform have a particularly strong need for these skills.

Information Security Professionals

Security professionals will continue to be in high demand as companies struggle to stay ahead of both internal and external security threats. Demand for cyber security professionals has increased by as much as 91 percent, and information security demand has increased by nearly 50 percent year-over-year.

Tech Sales Professionals

No company can successfully take a new product to market without a strong sales team, and many tech firms struggle to hire and retain talented sales professionals that keep the business moving forward.

If you are an IT professional with any of these in-demand skills, the recruiters at Cutting Edge Recruiting would love to talk to you. We work with companies in Boca Raton and the South Florida area that are looking for experienced and skilled tech talent to help drive success. Whether you are looking for short-term, contract employment or a permanent position, we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about joining our network of talent.

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