Stressing over job interviews? Take a break and read these funny job interview tweets


The prospect of a new job always signifies some sort of improvement in life. Either this job you stumbled upon (or heard about from a recruiter) has the potential to give you a higher salary, a shorter commute, a more flexible schedule, or some exciting perks that you’ve never had in any previous job before. So when you get word that the company you applied to would like to interview you, technically you’re one step closer to improving your life in some way!

But if you’re part of the majority of people who tend to stress out a bit before a job interview, you inevitably start to borderline panic. How much should you prepare? What will you wear? What if you accidentally screw it all up?

Naturally, clever Twitter users have already thought of practically every way a job interview can go sideways – so you don’t have to drive yourself crazy doing it yourself. Take a break from any trepidation you’re feeling about job interviews and check out these funny job interview tweets.

Maybe don’t emphasize your greatest strengths like this:





Or, similarly, your greatest weaknesses:





Speaking of where you see yourself in 5 years:

If only answering why you want the job could be this easy:

No one likes interviewing for positions with unrealistic expectations:

And lastly, how to NOT end an interview:

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