Avoiding Career Burnout: When to Change Careers


South Florida IT professionals are no strangers to career burnout. However, the long hours and high pressure of the tech industry don’t have to make you miserable. There are lots of happy professionals in the region who log lots of hours, but don’t experience burnout. The difference is often the work environment. So, how do you know when your burnout is really a signal that it’s time to change careers?

Your Job is Making You Sick

High amounts of stress have a negative impact on our bodies. If you’re suddenly sick more often than usual, your job could be to blame.  Your body could be trying to tell you that you’re working in a toxic environment, and something needs to change.

Your Monday Morning Blues Have Gotten Out of Hand

Let’s face it – even if you love your job, Mondays can be a little depressing. However, if you have to talk yourself out of calling in sick every single Monday morning, or if you’ve started actually calling in sick on Mondays, it is probably time to look for a new job.

You’ve Got a Bad Relationship With Your Boss

A strained relationship with your supervisor is an instant path to misery. That poor relationship can also have an impact on your ability to move up and grow with the company. If you and your boss just can’t seem to get along, it is likely time to find a manager whose personality meshes with yours.

A Raise Isn’t Enough to Make You Happy

Ask yourself one question: If your boss gave you a significant raise tomorrow, would you feel any better about your work? If the answer is no, it is time to move on. There are times when money can make up for the negative aspects of a job, but if there isn’t enough money on the payroll to make you happy, start seeking out new opportunities.

Your Career Isn’t Moving Forward

It is likely that you spent a lot of time and money keeping up with your IT skill set. You have probably pursued several certifications since to keep up with the fast-changing trends in the industry. If you’re still doing the same tasks that you were hired to do years ago and you haven’t been given the opportunity to grow, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and find a company that will allow you to spread your wings.

You Take Your Stress Home With You

If your misery at work is spilling over into your personal life, something’s got to change. If you find that you have been taking out your stress on your family and friends, examine what’s really going on. No job is worth risking your personal relationships.

If you are an IT professional in South Florida who is looking for new opportunities and challenges in your career, the recruiters at CERS can help. We connect Florida’s best talent with innovative companies in Miami and the surrounding areas. If you’re ready for more, contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your career goals.

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