5 Certifications that Can Land You the IT Job of Your Dreams


There is a precarious combination between certifications, experience, and formal education that goes in to any job selection. The requirements change with every employer and position, but there is one universal constant: Certifications. Employers want experience and formal education, but are significantly more apt to forgo either of these if they’re convinced a candidate is well qualified. However, 83% of recruiters won’t contact or return to a candidate without the proper certification – even with a solid background or education.

In light of this, here are 5 certifications that will land you your dream job.

CCNP. The Cisco Certified Network Professional is very versatile, and offers specialties in Data Center, Wireless, Security, Service Provider, and Service Provider Operations. CCNP is a great auxiliary for other certifications as well, and can serve as a base for others if you’re not interested in networking indefinitely. This is one of the most common and – in all practicality – necessary.

Oracle Business Intelligence. This certification is aimed at effectively managing big data, and specifically is a med-career or intermediate certification aimed at one who already uses Oracle Enterprise applications. These are offered for several platforms and applications, and with the explosion in big data lately, this one provides for a bright career potential in a very specific, high-demand niche.

Comp TIA Healthcare IT Technician. The entire HIM (Health Information Management) section of IT has an insatiable appetite for professionals between meaningful use stages 1 and 2, the Affordable Care Act’s new EHR requirements, and the transition to ICD-10 in Q3, 2015. The IT Technician certification can begin a very lucrative career in an unusually high demand field.

OCP. Oracle Certified Professional certifications absolutely dominate the database industry by a significant margin. Like most of the aforementioned, this is an intermediate certification. Databases, along with big data, are exploding, in part because of the relationship with the two. Moreover, Oracle has positioned themselves to be the dominant player in both.

CEH. Certified Ethical Hacking has a very practical use. This is also an intermediate level, and is geared for counter-hacking. Counter-hacking combines a number of different traits, from cryptology to penetration testing (although the GPEN is more for penetration testing as a career) and ultimately, a “white hat” is paid by a company to hack into their system and find weaknesses in security.

Regardless of what type of IT you want to be involved in, or what kind of job you’re looking for, there is a certification to get you moving in the right direction. The certificate alone, however, is not a golden ticket into an interview. Some jobs will require experience or education behind it. Knowing which companies are looking for what is not something one can Google.

This is when a recruiter comes in to play. If you’re looking at vertical mobility, or an entire career change, we can help. At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we know who is hiring for great IT positions in Dade County. We know which companies are looking for certain credentials, and we can help pair you up into the ideal match for the best possible long term career opportunity. Contact us now for a consultation, and we’ll find you the job of your dreams.

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