5 ways to improve your job postings to find higher-quality talent


Crafting strong job postings is one of the most critical steps in the hiring process, but many employers still miss the mark. A job posting isn’t just a laundry list of your requirements for the position, but also an advertisement for your business. If you want to find high-quality candidates, you must develop job postings that speak directly to the talent you seek. Here are some creative tips to help you improve your job postings to find the right people.

1. Start at the beginning: the job title

The first element of a job posting that potential candidates will see is the job title. They scan those titles either manually, through search functions, or via preset alerts. In order to get in front of the right people, your job titles must be clear and specific. Posting a job for a “Developer” can mean hundreds of different things. Provide the precise job title to leave little room for interpretation. Specificity ensures that qualified applicants will want to read on, and non-qualified applicants will not waste their time or yours by applying for the job.

2. Always include goals

All job postings list the responsibilities of the job and the desired qualifications for applicants, but very few outline the goals of the position. If you let job seekers know from the beginning what their expected outcomes will be and how success will be measured, it helps to set realistic expectations and gives the candidate a picture of what it will be like to work for your company. This can also weed out individuals who think their skills or work ethic won’t stack up.

3. Don’t waste words

Don’t waste valuable space on clichés like, “self-starter,” “team player,” or “think outside the box.” Job seekers know that employers look for those qualities – and of course the majority of candidates will innately think they possess such qualities, even when some of them definitely do not. Be sure to use your space wisely. Be clear about your unique expectations and requirements, and avoid buzzwords and phrases as much as possible.

4. Showcase your culture

A candidate’s cultural fit is equally as important as his or her skills and qualifications for long-term retention and satisfaction. Include information that will help candidates evaluate your company culture. Do you emphasize corporate responsibility? Were you named a “Best Place to Work?” Do you offer flex time? Are hierarchy and structure important? Providing these types of details will give potential candidates an idea of whether or not their values and work style is aligned.

5. Work with a professional

Crafting effective job descriptions can be a bit of an art form and a bit of a science. If you want to improve your descriptions to attract strong talent, consider partnering with a strategic recruiting firm. Professional recruiters understand how to write a post that will sell the job and the company to the right talent, while weeding out unqualified or misaligned applicants.

If your South Florida company is looking to improve its hiring processes, contact the recruiting experts at CERS today to learn more about our proven recipe for success.

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