The Florida Tech Market is as Hot as the Weather!


There is a prevailing misconception among employers in the Florida market that there is a drought of skilled IT professionals across the state. Most people think of Silicon Valley and the cities of the North East when they think “Tech Hubs,” but Florida is actually a boom state for technology.

The Recession Reputation

At the height of The Great Recession Florida found itself at the top of the headlines. The high foreclosure and unemployment rate made the Sunshine State the national symbol for all that had gone wrong in the US economy. Whether it was a fair or unfair characterization, Florida has had a difficult time shedding that reputation, thanks to the bad press it received from 2008 – 2012.

The Tech Market Recovers First

As Florida and the rest of the nation began the slow climb out of the recession, technology was the first sector to experience rapid growth in the state – even more so than the booming Florida tourism industry. In fact, in 2012, Miami and Jacksonville experienced some of the most rapid growth in the country.

Tech companies were able to remain stable throughout the recovery by strategically utilizing contract and temporary employees, which kept costs down and allowed organizations to grow, even amid a stagnating national economy. In the last two years, companies in Florida have begun to move back to permanent hiring in great numbers, while supplementing large projects with temporary and contract-to-hire staff.

A recent poll by the Tampa Bay Technology fund found that 100 companies were hiring for over 700 permanent, full-time technology positions in the Tampa Bay Area alone. And while there are some reports that indicate that there is a “Brain Drain” occurring in Florida, many tech professionals from the North are relocating to Florida to take advantage of the sun, warmth, and low cost of living available in Florida, a welcome change from cold winters and exorbitant housing costs.

Continuing Investment in Technology

More and more people are catching on the advantages of setting up tech hubs in Florida. The state has experienced many big wins in the tech sphere in recent years. Florida has cultivated a world-class engineering community, and has built a growing professional community in the life and biotech sciences. Nonprofits, Universities, and corporations have all pitched in to create startup incubators and accelerators. Shared work spaces are popping up all over the state, and VC dollars are beginning to flow in to startups who are attracted to the low cost of living and endless amenities available in Florida.

Whether you are a Florida company looking for highly qualified tech talent, or you are an IT professional looking for new opportunities, Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions can help. We have been deeply involved in the Florida tech market for many years, and we are driven to help our clients reach their goals. For information on finding or filling IT positions in Boca, contact CERS today!

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