Finding Talent: Take the Jump…or Wade in Slowly?


You just spent months finding the right employee. However, after just three months, the employee leaves. Does this sound familiar? If so, there might be a better way. And, it starts with determining if you really need a full-time employee, or if a freelancer, temporary, contractor can fulfill the job requirements.

With this type of arrangement, you can try a person out without the big commitment. It’s like you’re wading in slowly, rather than diving head first into the pool.

Talent Pool Getting Larger  

Over the past several years, there’s been a shift in the independent contractor talent pool. For example, about 10.3 million workers were classified as independent contractors in 2005, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This number has grown by over 1 million since 2005, according to an economist at George Mason University. As a result, you have access to more talent choices.

Internal Efficiency  

Using a temporary or contract employee is easy on the budget; however, for larger companies, there’s often less red tape for approval – compared to securing approval for a full-time position. This means, you get the help you need faster with improved efficiency.

And, it’s undeniable; there’s an economic benefit, too. For example, with a temporary or contract employee, you eliminate your cost for benefits and payroll taxes.

Fractional Talent 

Do you need help determining if you should hire a full-time staffer or contractor? If so, CERS can help. We offer a program that assists with finding the right talent to achieve your desired growth, at a fraction of the cost. With this program, you get shared access to talent; helping grow your company and develop strategic initiatives, without the high price tag.

We accomplish this by offering highly talented executives, managers and technical personnel on a fractional basis to multiple companies. We can also help navigate the risk associated with hiring a temporary or contract employee. Simply call or email us today for a free no cost assessment and quote at 561-910-8000.

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