Why Most Companies Fail to Anticipate Hiring Needs


So an IT employee resigns unexpectedly. If you do not have a hiring plan in place, searching for new candidates can be a very difficult task. You may even have to start at square one if you do not have IT candidate funnel. This is also true of new positions that open up as businesses expand. Although employee turnover is a normal part of business operations, many companies simply fail to anticipate their IT hiring needs.

Here’s a few tips to ensure a swift hiring process.

  1. Anticipate needs. When creating your strategic plans, consider new jobs as part of your mission. This is often glanced over, briefly touched upon, or not even discussed. Furthermore, have a reasonable, executable plan – not a fuzzy, what-if, or this-probably-will-never-happen plan. If you’ve ever been a part of a strategic planning session that didn’t acknowledge hiring, you’ve probably experienced this.
  1. Maintain a passive candidate funnel. This is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that you can quickly replace someone, and requires the least actual activity. The only drawback to passive candidates is that they often want a raise in either responsibility or compensation – and sometimes, both. Otherwise, they’re more comfortable in their status quo and will stay where they’re at.
  1. Have a succession plan for everyone. The days of succession planning as exclusive to the CEO or CFO are over. Everyone, down to the janitor (ok, well maybe not the janitor) needs a succession plan. Put it into place, update it often, and be realistic about who can achieve what. Treat this as the productivity contingency that it is (or should be).

When someone leaves, or a new need for a position opens up, it can be very difficult for a smooth transition regardless of the circumstances. However, abide by these three and you will guarantee a higher success rate than previous attempts.

Regardless of where you are in your staffing needs, CERS can help. At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we maintain a network of elite IT talent in South Florida. We have contract and temporary candidates, and we look at soft skills and company culture, not just certifications on a resume. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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