Unplug your Team – How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance


Nearly everything has gone virtual or digital. While this is a great thing – especially for IT associates, who rely on technology – sometimes it’s necessary to “unplug;” both from work and from digital life. Doing so periodically helps to regain a sense of balance, and actually increases productivity.

The work-life balance can sometimes be difficult.

Especially for “workaholics.” However, it is necessary to keep things in perspective. Working too much can cause one to “burn out” and build resentment and hostility. Furthermore, associates who are feeling pushed by their supervisors to work more can become toxic – though it may not be mentioned or evident for weeks.

Try offline team-building exercises.

There are a number of corporate team-building events, like a ropes course, that encourage your team’s problem solving in the real world. You’d be surprised how the dynamics change when you leave the office.

Go out to lunch as a team. It can sometimes be difficult to get everyone on the same lunch schedule, but if you’re able to, you’d be surprised at how this unites a group of associates and decrease the stress level. This is even more effective in boosting morale if the company pays for it once in a while, and not for any particular reason. This builds bonds surprisingly quickly, and affords the opportunity for those who work together to become cohesive with things other than work.

Communicate clear expectations (and stick to them).

The work life balance also includes the hours your associates are working. The expectations are what you make of them; hence, make them reasonable. It cannot be overstated that burning out is a sure way to lose employees, and when one is burned out, several more will follow. Also, make sure that your company culture is one that respects personal boundaries and family obligations.


Employees who don’t observe and maintain this precarious balance tend to “burn out.” Negativity spreads like wildfire and can quickly bring productivity to a halt.

However, there are gradual degrees of change. These are usually excessive absences, tardiness, obvious mistakes, and apathy. This doesn’t mean that every time a salaried employee leaves ten minutes early, they’re on the edge, but when you see two or three of these concurrently, it’s time to evaluate. If you’re noticing this trend in your workplace, or if you already have a toxic environment (and don’t know how to handle it), then a phone call to CERS is overdue.

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