The “Death” of the Traditional Resume: Fact or Fiction?


Social media has arrived. And with its arrival, some companies are side stepping the traditional resume altogether. For example, a recent job post for a MasterCard internship required candidates to submit a video, engage in Facebook and forward a LinkedIn profile – all which was 100% resume-free.

So, where does this leave the traditional resume – is it officially over?

Not yet. But some experts think it’s moving this direction. And this might not be a bad thing. A traditional resume leaves out important, details critical to the selection process. And hiring without this information can be costly.

What’s Hiding Behind the Resume

 A candidate cherry picks information about their background and experience to include on their resume. The result? There’s a gap between the information presented, and what you need to know. That’s where a recruiting firm can help.

Recruiting firms like Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions take the time to understand your department, corporate culture, leadership style and team dynamic. They also get to know the scope and nature of your projects. Then, they use this information to search for the best talent for your needs.

While a resume focuses on hard skills, a recruiter can identify soft skills that rarely appear on a resume and cover letter, including:

  • Communication skills. Does the applicant have good listening skills, allowing them to bridge the gap with co-workers, customers and vendors?
  • Positive attitude. Will the applicant generate good energy on your team?
  • Problem solving skills. Are they resourceful in solving problems? Or, will they leave these problems for others to solve?
  • Acting as a team player. Does the candidate work well on a team and cooperate with others?
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Can the candidate adapt to new situations and embrace new ideas?
  • Career aspirations. Does your career path and the candidate’s desires align?

When you partner with CERS, we handle these challenges upfront. Since we guarantee job seekers the next step in the process, this encourages them to be honest during our detailed qualified consultation. The result? You get access to talent that is truly a match for your position.

Our approach is also 100% success based – so, there’s no risk. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. Call or email us today for a free assessment and quote at 561-910-8000.

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