Hire This, Not That!


Have you ever hired an employee, with all the promise of a key player…but they simply fell short of expectations? Or, you hired a rumor monger instead of a top producer. Or, a gossiper rather than a work horse!

Whether you’re filling a vacant position, or experiencing fast growth and adding new positions, the right person in the right job is the foundation of your company’s success. In fact, statistics say if you hire the right person the first time around, you’ll save a ton of time and money.

Over the next several weeks, our “Hire This, Not That” series will share secrets and best practices for recruiting and hiring the right employees, more effectively. You’ll discover how to:

Stop the “accidental” interview sabotage. You might be sabotaging the interviewing process, without even knowing it.

Uncover who you’re really hiring. 53 percent of candidates aren’t truthful on their resumes. Find out what they aren’t telling you.

Find the long-term key player, rather than the fare-weather employee. Discover how to uncover a candidate’s true career aspirations, to find a long-term fit.

Explore social media and recruiting. About 38.9 percent of firms manage prospects with social media. Have you thought about your approach?

Find out if you’re polluting your candidate pool. Your screening process might be working against you, rather than for you.

Build a magnetic hiring brand. Discover how to stand out, when the best employees have multiple employment options.

Cut Through the Hiring Clutter

In the weeks ahead, we’ll provide helpful information to cut through the hiring clutter – and get better results. For example, are you tapping into the hidden gems in the marketplace, like passive job seekers? Or, when is the last time you reviewed your background check process? Plus, we’ll address how a candidate’s previous job patterns may predict future success – and why personality tests are so important.

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