Are You Saying What Job Seekers Want to Hear?


Listening to Job Seekers: What do They Want Most from YOU? Millions of employees are hired each month. Nearly 4.2 million  were hired in the month of December alone. And even though hiring has steadily picked up since 2009, finding the right employees remains a challenge.

But why?

Many companies are consolidating positions and need workers to do more with less. And often times, this means looking for a unique combination of skills at median or below salary ranges. This creates a challenge.

Make your company more appealing by listening to what job seekers are saying – and presenting your company in a more compelling way.  As a result, you’ll attract a higher caliber of talent and maximize your return on investment.

Speaking to Talent

Glassdoor recently polled users to discover why employees leave their jobs – and what perks are most attractive in a new company. The results were interesting.

Growth opportunities. 52% of job seekers want to join a company that offers opportunities for advancement and growth.

401K plan. 44% of job seekers said employer benefits, such as a 401k plan, were important when taking a new job.

Health benefits. 43% of job seekers say that high-quality health benefits are important. This may shift in the future as healthcare reform makes benefits more accessible.

Flexible work schedule. 37% of employees say a flexible work schedule is very desirable, when seeking a new job. However, this is somewhat controversial, with Yahoo’s CEO recently placing a ban on working from home.

Also, few employers are embracing bonus income or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as a way to engage workers for maximum performance. However, this approach can be very powerful.

Matching career aspirations is also an effective tool for selecting the right talent. They help you determine if a candidate’s goals fit within your organization. For example, they might want a solid job with stability. Or, they might want advancement opportunities to stay satisfied.

Understanding this information before making the hire will assist with avoiding costly mistakes, like turnover.

If you need help finding the right talent, CERS can help. We assist with everything from creating a detailed hiring profile to locating the right talent for your position. Call or email us today for a free assessment and quote at 561-910-8000.

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