How To Resuscitate Tech Innovation at Your Company


Innovation has always been a key metric to IT companies. With technology doubling every 18 months, IT companies need to continuously innovate in order to remain competitive. This remains true whether it’s developing tailored solutions and applications unique to your business, a technology startup, or developing software for another company; either way, innovation is competition. So how do you inject innovation into your company when the bureaucracy and conformity stifles creativity? Here are a few helpful hints to resuscitate your company’s mojo.

Challenge. This sounds cliché, but it’s very effective. Throw down the gauntlet on your development team. Challenge the status quo, and let them know you think they’re capable of producing more “outside the box” solutions. This can sometimes offer the necessary spark to allow them to think outside the box.

Eliminate obstacles. This may mean cutting some red tape, or allowing your team to explore areas that were previously off limits. However you proceed, the most important thing is simply to allow your associates the freedom to roam where their minds – and talents – may, uninhibited. This often produces many avenues that are impractical, but that’s often the cost of creativity.

Set aside time. The pressures of meeting deadlines and day to day operations often make IT workers feel as if the time to “think” simply isn’t there. Time is the enemy of most businesses, but managers who want to experience change must understand that designating time will pay dividends over the long run.

Bring in new perspectives. This begins with new talent. Continuously recruiting the same mentality, opinions, and people – albeit with a different name – only serves to perpetuate the drought of creativity. Innovation requires either looking at the same object from a different perspective, or looking at a different object altogether. With a new candidate or two, it may be just what you need to re-energize your team.

This is our specialty. At CERS, we recruit elite talent for a number of companies in the Boca Raton area. We can help you find the talent you’re looking for to bring fresh perspective and innovation to your team. Whether you’re looking for elite software developers or SQL DBA, we can help. Contact us today!

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