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Everyone has a reason why they love (or hate) their job – even you. Contrary to popular belief, compensation is relatively low on the list of reasons why. While employees usually do not name “business culture” by its precise nomenclature as the top reason for loving a job – or leaving a job – the other things they do mention by name allude to culture. Things like growth opportunity, autonomy – or lack thereof – leadership, and company direction are some of the top reasons, all of which are encompassed within the term “business culture.”

Therefore it stands to reason that the culture of a company has an enormous impact on morale, and hence, turnover-slash-retention. So, the proverbial million dollar question, or whatever you have budgeted for retention plan, is this:

What role does culture play in your business’s hiring?

If you have a stunned look on your face right now thus indicating you’ve never thought of that, we would never see it or know the difference. But you should probably continue reading.

In a market with IT unemployment hovering at about HALF of the national average and 85% of all employees “passively interested” in new opportunities, most IT professionals are in a position to be choosy about where they work, and the prospect of long-term unemployment simply doesn’t apply to them as it does to the remainder of Americans.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing for your business if you have the culture they’re seeking. If your compensation is about average, but your culture is exactly what a candidate is looking for, the chances of getting a two weeks’ notice drop significantly. This is one of the single most important factors in hiring, and should be treated accordingly. Instead of this being a hindrance, your company’s culture can become the reason IT employees flock to YOU.

So what’s the answer?

Whether culture is more important than skills is debatable, but finding both is what keeps your operation running efficiently.

This is where we flourish. This is what makes our business thrive above other firms. At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we place our emphasis on company culture and exceptional skills. We maintain a massive pool of candidates for on-demand talent, contract-to-hire, temp-to-hire, and a plethora of other services geared towards optimizing your business’s IT efficiency. We vet and retain the highest caliber of IT talent in South Florida to provide business continuity for your IT and technology positions. Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can benefit your business.


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