How to pull off a flawless videoconferencing meeting


Remote videoconferences are becoming more popular as a means of saving travel time and expenses, but given their rising prominence, some people still don’t quite know how to pull off a strong videoconferencing meeting. Here are some tips to help you master your next videoconference.

Practice using your tools well before your meeting

We have all been to a seminar or sat in on a web conference where the facilitator struggled with the technology. Those moments of awkwardness lead to one result: lost interest. There is no excuse for not practicing with your videoconferencing software before you use it. Proficiency with Skype does not necessarily make you a conferencing whiz. Every technology has its own operating systems, menus, and quirks – always do one or two test runs with a colleague.

Even if you are an expert in the technology, be sure to set everything up well before your meeting is scheduled to begin and test it internally. Glitches can happen to even the most experienced professionals and it’s better to get the kinks out before others dial into to your meeting.

Watch your camera angles

Test your camera angles with a colleague to be sure that both you and your surroundings come off well in the picture. Make sure that the area covered by the camera is free from clutter or busy backgrounds. This includes windows and doors, as passersby could distract your participants.

Run a test call at the same time of day as your meeting, so that you can be sure the lighting isn’t casting shadows or glare across your face. You also want to make sure that your audio quality does not change should you move positions or shift in your chair.

Know how to mute (and unmute) participants

If you’ve got more than two people on a videoconference, you’re asking for a disaster. Some people call in from noisy coffee shops or busy offices. Some people call in from home with dogs barking or children playing in the background. Other times people simply talk over one another. Make sure that whoever is administering the conference can control the muting and unmuting of participants to avoid the distraction and keep the conversation focused.

Mind your (business) manners

Many people make the mistake of treating a videoconferencing meeting as less formal than in-person meetings. The same rules apply for a videoconference as they do for an in-person conference. Be on time. Dress professionally, even if you’re conducting your conference from your home. Speak clearly and enunciate. Don’t eat at the table.  If you wouldn’t do something during an in-person meeting, don’t do it on a videoconferencing meeting.

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