Make the Most Out of Big Data


Amazon has set the pace for big data, even among industries outside of e-commerce. It might seem as though they have managed to collect more information than smaller online retailers, but that is not the case. They utilize the same data collection tactics as hundreds of other companies, but what they do better than most is analyze and act on that information. So how can your company take the same approach and make the most of big data?

Appoint a Champion of Information

In order to get the most from your data, it will be necessary to appoint an executive to be your champion of information. That person must be tasked with setting up information flow, and should have a solid grasp on the critical data that will be necessary to achieve your goals. Many times, the CIO heads up information, as they not only understand complex business intelligence systems, but also the corporate relationships that are required to make meaningful use of data. In smaller organizations without a CIO, the most senior IT team member should be ordained as the champion of information.

Don’t Sit in Your Data

Your company may be collecting scads of both structured and unstructured data, but if all you do is store that information, it’s not working for you. To get the full value of your information, an analytics solution will need to be put in place in order to identify relevant patterns, determine causal relationships, and predict what will happen next.

Be Willing to Invest

If you don’t have the infrastructure or staff in place to put your big data plan into action, you’ll need to be willing to make serious investments in order to be prepared. For some companies, it will mean investing in expansion of their in-house team, while other organizations can benefit from third-party solutions. It will be critical to evaluate your needs to avoid making bad investments.

The Power of Human Analysis

No big data solution will ever be complete without human power. While technology can organize data, and make algorithmic assumptions and predations, the human touch, it is impossible to turn raw data into truly smart data. A strong team of analysts who not only understand information, but who have a firm grasp of your industry and your company are critical for maximizing big data.

If you’re looking to put together a team to help you make more from your big data, Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions can help. We have been deeply involved in the Florida tech market for many years, and we are driven to help our clients reach their goals. For information on finding or filling IT positions in Boca, contact CERS today!

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