How Rebranding Helped 3 South Florida Accounting Firms!


Boring. It is a stereotype that has long haunted the accounting world. Most people and businesses solicit the work of accountants for one reason, and one reason only: they find themselves in need of the service.  But three South Florida accounting firms are seeking to change the way people view accounting. They made aggressive efforts to rebrand themselves with a fresh, new vibe.  They have unveiled new websites, 21st Century logos and slogans to attract new clients and strengthen their relationship with their existing customers in an effort to change South Florida residents’ perception of accounting as just a boring tax necessity.

Daszkal Bolton: More Than Just Accounting

In Boca Raton, Daszkal Bolton recently told The South Florida Business Journal that that they are putting a new focus on mobile services and have rebranded themselves as entrepreneurs rather than accountants.  The word “entrepreneur” has a young, hip vibe and generates the opposite feelings that the title “accountant” traditionally elicits.

Interestingly, their rebranding did not come from an internal push to change their image. Instead, it came directly from their clients. They told the Business Journal that their clients began referencing them as more than “just” accountants, so they took that message to heart, developing a new logo, slogan (“Conquer New Ground”) and website.  They also embraced a shift towards mobile-friendly applications, recognizing that their clients needed to be able to connect with them on the go.

Kaufman Rossin:  A Multigenerational Focus

Since it was founded in 1962, South Florida’s Kaufman Rossin has expanded its services to include fund accounting, valuation, taxes, compliance, and IT security consulting. They recognized that they needed to makes some image changes to reflect the value that they bring their client base.  They also wanted to reflect the fact that over half of their workforce is millennials. As both their employee base and their client base began to span more generations, firm principals recognized the need to rebrand. To showcase their dynamic business model, Kaufman Rossin hit the ground running with a new logo, a redesigned website, new marketing materials and more.

Goldstein Schechter Koch: Streamlining the Message

Miami-based Goldstein Schechter Koch focuses on the three pillars of wealth: creation, preservation and management. Over the years, they had difficulty communicating a cohesive message around those services.  10 years ago, the company rebranded, but given the dramatic shifts in the firm over the last decade, they realized that another rebranding was in order.

GSK wanted to show their client base that they aren’t just there to work balance sheets, but rather to help their clients realize their dreams of the future.  Therefore they created a new logo, signage and marketing collateral, and registered a new domain name. The effects were realized quickly, with GSK almost instantly attracting new clients. An added bonus? Their employees also had a better understanding of the firm’s mission and goals.

Rebranding From the Inside Out

South Florida accounting firms that want to attract a more diverse, dynamic client base should spend some time evaluating their staffing decisions.  The flashiest marketing materials in the world won’t matter if clients aren’t attracted to the culture of the firm, and that culture begins with strong accounting talent.

If your accounting firm is looking for new blood that can help you rebrand from the inside out, CERS can help. As a nationally recognized accounting recruiting firm, we can connect you with the right employees to help set up your company for success.  As a leader professional staffing in Florida, we have cultivated a strong network of talent, and we can connect you with accountants who have the skills, qualifications, and traits you are looking for.  For more information sourcing accounting talent in South Florida, contact CERS today!

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