Skills Can Be Learned; Hire for Personality


Throughout your hiring process, you likely focus on skills match, especially when you’re looking to fill highly technical positions. Skills are essential – however, you must also focus on personality match. While skills can always be learned on the job, personality is not something that can be taught. A candidate’s personality is essential because it determines how well they can work within your company culture and how well they will get along with other members of the team. A clash of personalities can create tension and negativity on a team, impacting both morale and productivity. However, remembering to hire for personality during the interview process is often easier said than done.

Here are some tips to help you work through the process:

Know What You Are Looking For

You can’t hire someone with the “right” personality if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Sit down with your team and define the qualities that make someone successful at your organization, in that department, and in that specific job.

Tailor The Screening Process

Once you know which personality traits you are looking for, you’ve got to tailor your hiring process accordingly. Carrot Creative, a social media agency in Brooklyn with a relaxed culture, asks candidates to write a haiku, draw a doodle, and play with fridge magnets in their application process. People who enjoy a buttoned-up, corporate culture might not put their best foot forward in a situation like this, however free-spirited creatives would likely rise to the top.

Put Your Culture On Display

Employers often forget that interviews are two-way streets. Candidates are there to evaluate you as well. In order to hire someone with the right personality for your culture, you’ve got to put your culture on display. Take interviewees on a tour of the office so they get a sense for the daily vibe. When candidates ask what you like about working there, be honest. Some employers will even pull potential teammates off the floor for a short “peer interview” where they meet the candidates to talk about working for the company – with no managers allowed. This gives potential employees the chance to decide whether or not they’d thrive in your working environment.

Ask An Expert

Knowing how to hire for both skills and personality can take years to develop the right “eye” and “ear” for cultural alignment. If your Miami-area enterprise wants to hire the right people with the right personalities, CERS can help. We are a top-tier, nationally recognized recruiting and consulting firm that can help you tailor your hiring process to identify individuals who will be the right fit for your team. Contact us today to learn more about how our dynamic approach can empower you to hire with total confidence.

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