5 Rules for Social Recruiting


When it comes to social recruiting, there are a lot of gray areas based on personal preference. Different companies have different approaches, and while this is perfectly normal, there are a few absolutes to stick to for best practice netiquette. Here are 5 rules for social recruiting:

1. Blanket everyone. Having as many candidates as possible is much better than too few. It can sometimes be daunting to screen several dozen candidates for a single position, but this is far better than having 2 candidates for a single position – neither of which is who you’re looking for. More connections will equate to better job placements down the road as well.

2. Don’t get too choosy…..yet. Although some candidates will have a stronger online presence than others, this doesn’t mean they’re less qualified necessarily. As long as they have the right certifications, or at least close, it’s never bad to begin building a relationship. Even if the opportunity you’re looking to fill doesn’t work out, another may come along shortly.

3. Don’t sell the job, sell the interview. Much of recruiting is selling – selling the company, benefits, culture, etc. When you’re making calls and sending messages, don’t try and fill the position without an interview – instead, focus your efforts on bringing them in to talk, rather than giving an hundred emails about the company’s tuition reimbursement plan.

4. Play your cards close to your vest. Sometimes, telling a candidate the compensation plan before meeting is great – if you’re headhunting for a higher caliber position. Generally, however, you want to find out more about them. In doing so, you want to tell them as much as you can about the company culture and the position – but not necessarily the perks and compensation. Keep specific information to yourself until you know they’re interested. If they’re only in it for the money, they’re probably not a good fit.

5. Learn to spot talent quickly. Screening is often the most time-consuming portion of recruiting, and the quicker you learn to screen, the faster you can interview the strongest candidates who are more likely to bring the talent you’re looking for. Once you find the right talent, move quickly.

Social recruiting is very much like any other type of recruiting. It requires taking a large funnel of potentials and turning them into candidates. It takes a keen eye to spot what you’re looking for, and an experienced recruiter to make sure the spots being filled are what the management team is looking for. At CERS, we can help. We have an experienced recruiting team who knows what to look for. We have relationships with a wide candidate network of diverse, elite IT talent, and we want to help you grow your business and find the ideal candidates for your open positions. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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