How to Attract Top IT Talent in South Florida


Traditionally, when we think of hotspots for tech jobs, we think of California, Boston, or even Seattle. However, South Florida has made a significant play as a top region for IT jobs in recent years. The gains have been quiet, capturing very little national attention, but they have been steadily growing. However, despite the changing tech landscape in Florida, many employers struggle to recruit local IT talent, and have led many to wonder if we are expiring a brain drain.

Is South Florida Experiencing Brain Drain?

When it comes to attracting outside tech talent, the numbers don’t lie. Currently 47 percent of IT positions in Miami are filled by local professionals, and 44 percent of Fort Lauderdale and 33 percent of Tampa IT professionals come from South Florida. While those numbers may seem startling, it is important to note that Florida’s major regions are retaining more talent than traditional tech hubs in Northern California, Seattle and Boston, where a mere 20 percent of IT jobs are locally staffed.

Some Florida insiders believe that our homegrown IT pros are leaving for those cities, creating something of a local “brain drain.” But not all employers believe the numbers are a sign for panic. South Florida is still retaining more local talent than other areas of the country. As the region begins to attract new technology firms and startups, young tech talent will continue to stay close to home. It is also important to note that tech professionals are moving around the country in higher numbers than ever before. There is a serious demand for IT talent, and professionals will go wherever the jobs and the salaries take them.

How To Attract Local, South Florida IT Talent

South Florida employers may have something of a PR problem when it comes to attracting local talent. South Florida natives may not know that the tech culture is shifting here. They may still see the area as relying on tourism and healthcare, and they may not know about the efforts to boost the technology culture in the region.

Employers may also not know where to find strong IT talent. This is nothing new. Given the high demand for technology professionals, employers all across the country struggle to connect with their ideal candidates.

This is where CERS can help. As a fixture in the South Florida Tech market, we have developed a strong pool of talent at all professional levels across many areas of expertise. We know how to seek out and recruit local talent, and we help our clients develop hiring strategies that will reduce turnover over the long term. If you are ready to talk about an IT hiring strategy for your South Florida business, reach out to the team at CERS today.

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